Perfect Playlist for Intense Study, and why you Really Need it

When the time comes to study for a big exam, a lot of students face distractions such as dorm mates goofing off in the hallways or roommates watching TV on full-blast. But going to the library to seek out some peaceful study can be next to impossible given all of that coughing and page-flipping in…

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5 Tips for a Newbie Photographer: How to Make Your Photos Look Simple But Professional

Photography for beginners Learning how to take a great photo takes some instinct and natural talent. As an academic pursuit, this might seem as challenging as writing an essay. But rest assured that taking a fantastic picture doesn’t require that you be a seasoned photographer. After all, even the best photographers started off as students…

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The Death of the IMDb Discussion Boards: Where to Now?

On the 20th of February IMDb has shut down their entire discussion boards, including the private messaging system, motivating that they have been taken over by trolls and┬áhave become a liability in terms of their credibility. The impact this has on the average cinephile is far beyond what IMDb assumed it would be and it…

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What Vegas was like in the 50s

Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world. From its humble beginnings as a small railroad town in the early 1900s has grown into a multimillion mega city today. You just can’t resist the big neon signs on every corner inviting you to go in and have a great time. Vegas…

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From Poker to Hearthstone – Is There Really Any Difference?

Hearthstone has been blamed more and more by its large fan base of becoming increasingly RNG-based and not rewarding skilled players, with wins relying almost solely on drawing the right card at the right time or having the random events go in your favor. Seeing an ex-professional poker player such as the German self-proclaimed ‘Lifecoach’…

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Get Help: How to Quit Smoking with the Help of Medical Professionals

QuitDay is filled with all the resources you need to quit smoking. As long as you have the determination to follow through your plan to the end, you will be free of tobacco cigarettes for the rest of your life. That said, there are still plenty of challenges to face along the way; unfortunately, not…

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