Imagination is only one of the constant amazement when it comes to art. Talented people from all around the world get inspired by their surroundings and create mind-bending masterpieces. It’s impossible to get to know them all but it gives us great pleasure to discover some of them. Garrett Plummer is one of the artist who has submitted his artwork on our blog and we got to discover one of his latest project.

Beyond Abstraction Artwork

To give you a short introduction, we asked Garrett to tell us a few things about himself. Here’s what we got:

I was born and raised in Peace River Alberta. I had done art my entire life, growing up I always knew I had a gift for drawing. I got a passion for drawing graffiti in high school. My mother did beautiful calligraphy work, I think that’s where my love for beautiful letters comes from. We had such horrible supplies in high school art class that I never got to realize the joy of painting. I never even painted on a real canvas until years after I graduated. I moved to Edmonton when I was 24 and got a job at an art store. Pretty much ever since the first day I started working there I found my passion for painting, my obsession for colors and pigments, and the knowledge of materials to be able to do whatever I wanted. I’ve since moved on and now I paint full time, whether it’s in my studio, at home or at several locations throughout Edmonton Hosting Paint Nite 🙂

Now, moving to his project. In this short interview, Garrett gave us the main highlights of his project.

Beyond Abstraction Garrett Plummer

What’s the name of your latest project? Tell us a few words to describe it.

My latest project is called “Beyond Abstraction”.
This collection of pieces are very special to me. They are so unique and unmistakably me. Parts of them have been inspired by so many different things. I like the idea of stacking as many concepts  as you can into a piece. They look like super textured surreal frozen landscapes covered in impossible architecture and a splash of unique color. Oh! Did I mention that marbles roll down them!? 🙂 Each piece has a small ladder on it with two miniature people looking out into our world, just as we look into theirs. This is why its called beyond abstraction. It’s a surreal world beyond just the abstract.

Beyond Abstraction Painting

Where was it launched?

They made their debut at Cafe Mosaics in Edmonton AB.

How was it received by the public?

They have been received really well. Not much art you get to interact with. Kids obviously love dropping the marbles down them and adults too.

Beyond abstraction

Which were your greatest accomplishments with this project?

The average time spent looking at the Mona Lisa is 15 seconds. This is one of the concepts behind the marble track, other than the interactivity of it. It sort of hypnotizes you as it rolls down the painting, it’s hard to take your eyes away until it stops. In this way it forces the viewer to look at the painting for a time I’m now happy with. Time is the most precious thing, I want everyone to spend it looking at something I’ve created for as long as possible.

Also my signature was a breakthrough in this project. It came to me in a dream one night. I always hated signatures on the front of abstract work. Mine are so thick with texture that I can have them visible only from the side. From the front they just look like one of the hundreds of sticks that build up the architecture, but from the side they are nicely carved initials made from wood.

I also use many unique materials in all my paintings. In this series I’ve used materials such as 23k gold flake, Diamond dust, antique diamonds, hand blown glass marbles, pieces of wedding dresses and other gifted fabrics. The diamonds and gold get mixed into the color portions of the pieces and the materials are soaked in fabric medium and sculpted. The marbles obviously roll down the track.

Garrett Plummer Beyond abstraction

You can marvel at this project and discover other projects created by Garrett Plummer on his website.