They say “with the right shoes; you can go to any place you want”. Footwear plays a significant part in the personality of a person as well as the style. Different elements of fashion play different roles in defining the way you look. No matter what, having the perfect footwear that can complement and enhance the whole look is a necessity. This applies to both men and women. You need to pay attention to certain things in order to make the most out of your wardrobe and put all the shoes in your collection to use. Here are some tips and tricks on how to style different types of footwear with different outfits.


Women’s footwear comes in different styles, and types let us take a look at some of the most famous combinations of footwear and outfits that go well together.

Chunky heels: These type of heels do not go out of style and are very versatile. They go well with summery dresses as well as floral pants. You can wear a summer dress and accessorize it with a huge hat and a pair of chunky heels for a chic look.

Espadrilles: These kinds of shoes look great with maxis, high-slit skirts, paper-bag pants, etc. They give out a little bohemian hint and are usually not very pricey, which is a great advantage. Choose from the best range of women’s shoes in Melbourne and get the perfect one for you.

Boots: Girls who wear boots always stand out in a crowd. This is a wardrobe essential which you can rock when you get the chance. You can pair your boots with skinny jeans, a plain tee-shirt and a cardigan for that effortless yet classy winter look.

Stilletos: Even though it takes a lot of pain and effort to walk in stilettos, the elegance it gives you is totally worth it all. You can wear a pair of stunning stilettos to an event where you don’t have to do much walking. Always choose the right size and fit for you to avoid blisters and inconvenience. Using these on a regular basis is not a good idea, but you can totally pull out a pair for a special event where you could use all the glitz and glamour.

Bellies: Bellies are best suited as everyday wears. They go well with most outfits and gives an overall neutral look. They are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis and are super reliable as well.


Formal shoes: Formal shoes are inevitable when it comes to men’s wardrobe. Wearing proper formal shoes with a co-ordinating outfit will make any man look classy and sophisticated. Get the right type of formal shoes for you and make sure it is a proper fit. The kind of tapering of these formal shoes on the front is to be paid attention to before buying. Never forget to get your shoes nice and polished before wearing them.

Loafers: Loafers are versatile and can serve as formal footwear and casual footwear as well. Different types of loafers are available on the market. Get the perfect one for you from the range of best men’s loafers in Melbourne. There are a lot of variants when it comes to loafers. You get the ones with rope detailing, trims and tassels as well. You can venture new styles with respect to loafers if you would like to get the one that matches your personality and you can go ahead and style them with different outfits.

Mocassin: Mocassins are slightly different from loafers and have rope detailings of a specific type. These are available in different color variants and different materials as well. The soles are usually flat, and they look nice with casual shirts and ankle-length trousers or even shorts. If you are someone who likes to explore footwear of various colors, then you should take a look into Mocassins as they usually come in vibrant color variants. They come in different textures as well.