Many people are familiar with Google Ads and the text boxes that come up when they are conducting their regular browsing activities. However, particular Google Shopping ads come up when shoppers search Google for specific items. These are known as Product Listing ads and come with their own advantages. Read about them in detail below.

It Offers Better Click-Through Than Google Search

The stats have shown that online shoppers click on product ads with twice the frequency of PPC ads from Google Search. In fact, users who shifted their advertising accounts from Adwords to Google Shopping adverts experienced growth in click-through rates ranging from 34-45%. A simple explanation for this is that the people using Google Shopping is more prepared to make a purchase and are looking for specific things. Also, they are able to see that the search results match what they want immediately. With those events aligning, click-through definitely go up.

Lower Cost Incurred Per Click

With click-based advertising, Click Through Rates have a significant effect on your Cost Per Click. This is pretty standard and happens with Google Search Ads as well as Google Shopping. Since the click-through ratio on Google Shopping Ads is significantly better than those of Google Search Ads, the cost per click on Google Shopping is lower as well. It is common for users who switch from Google Search ads to Google Shopping ads to see a reduction in cost per click by about 25%.

Improves Overall Digital Marketing ROI

Every brand has to work with limited resources and hopes that the funds spent on digital advertising will yield fruitful returns. Diverting to Google Shopping Ads, with the benefits of higher click-through rates and lower cost-per-click, offers a markedly higher opportunity for getting an improved return on investments. Not only can the money saved on investment be put to use in other ways, but the yielded sales will bring more profit.

Makes Clearing Large Inventory Easy

Creating a Google Adwords campaign can be a nightmare if you have a large inventory. You will have to build different campaigns, generate lots of keyword lists, and so much more. However, the process with Google Shopping is much easier. All you need to do is provide accurate information about your products, regardless of their amount. The Google Shopping campaign will then auto-generate an ad for all your products.

Campaigns Update Automatically

Not only are Google Shopping campaigns easy to automate, but they also update automatically, reconciling your inventory and making sure you are not selling items that are out of stock or that you no longer carry. They also reconcile new additions, ensuring that any new product added is in your feed for the next day automatically.

Placing ads for your products on Google Shopping will help you get ready buyers clicking through to your products and it is an efficient tool to use if you have a large inventory. If you would like to experience the increase in ROI associated with Google Shopping ads, reach out to Broad Place to make the transition today.