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If she wasn't a catfish, she'd probably be a hyperactive bookworm; but she's an energetic person interested in what is and what isn't a good read, a worthwhile piece of art or an out of the ordinary movie. Whether a subject is underwater, underground, above ground or up on cloud nine she'll find it and write it.

4 Great Songs about Love

The best love songs aren’t always the ones played by top of the charts bands and artists. Some keep a lower profile when it comes to their songs and though they may not receive the credit they deserve for those love songs. Here are four of those songs that, in this blogger’s opinion, deserve more…

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4 Things to Avoid for Better Time Management

We always complain that we don’t have time to complete all our tasks. But we don’t have the guts to admit the fact that it’s only our fault. Have no fear, there are ways to reduce our time-wasters. Avoid procrastination It usually occurs when a larger task is involved. This is your best false friend….

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When the Blackboard’s Not Enough

Flip charts. Blackboards. Post its. Agendas. Schedules. Whiteboards. Forget all these things. There is a new way to be organized, a new way to constantly see all your ideas. You don’t even have to click anything. It’s called IdeaPaint. You can apply it to any surface you want to write on. You can paint an entire…

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Game Soundtrack: Heroes of Might and Magic III

When we play computer games, we get so absorbed and caught up in the gameplay that we don’t actually know what gives us that adrenalin rush and that smooth killing spree. Truth is, most of the times the music is so appropriate that it induces a trance-like state we indulge in. We absorb it, but…

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4 Crazy Things Your Cat Might Do

Cats are incredibly smart, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes maybe suspiciously smart. They surprise us with their choices and decisions because as we know, you can’t actually teach a cat things if your cat’s not on board with your teachings. But cats can make decisions on their own; for instance, they can choose their hobbies…

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6 More Landscapes That Make You Say YUM!

If we were ants, this is probably what Heaven would look like. It might sound weird to picture yourself as a dead insect but think about it: no one to command you, no busting your chops gathering food, no worries. Food would be everywhere so all you’d have to do would be to focus on…

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7 Ways To Have An (Un)Productive Day

Some people say they work well under pressure. Some people work very well under pressure. Truth be told, people actually work under stressful conditions. So why not take advantage of it? If stress is the new productive, why not have a productive day every day? Here’s 7 easy steps on how to do that: 1….

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Freddie Mercury And The Immortal Queen

Photo from Of ribbons and roses On the 24th of November 20 years will have passed since Freddie Mercury passed away. However, people have found it more gratifying to celebrate 65 years from his birth on the 5th of September. If you set aside all these dates and celebrations, you can’t stop but think about…

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Modern and Practical Furniture: Casulo

Traveling has never been easier. And neither has student life. Nowadays you can literally fit an entire room into a box. Does wonders for packing. Not to mention moving. If you’re living a student’s life, constantly moving this is one of the best options on the market. Also known as the collapsible room or architectural…

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The Robot Orphanage of Brian Marshall

Forks, tea spoons, tea kettles, bolts and a dozen other metal scraps have found themselves creatively manipulated by the hands of Brian Marshall. He has created a website for these little fellows that’s more like a foster home filled with robots waiting for people to take them. No, they aren’t small Terminators. Brian Marshall ensnared…

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Jonathan Callan’s Book Sculptures

In the world of UK artists, art seems to revolve around books. Jonathan Callan is one of them. His art distinguished itself from the others because he uses books to create heterogeneous sculptures. Yet, they are fluid and homogeneous since they are made out of books that go through thick and thin to contort and pleasure…

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Meat Paintings That Stimulate Your Appetite

After a series of unusual materials used to create works of art, I thought to myself that I settle down a bit and write about some paintings. Nothing exceptional so far. So I set out on a journey through the world wide web searching for something classic. And I found something less settling than what…

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