An incurable optimist and knowledge enthusiast, Laura is a real foodie, a TV series addict & a huge G. G. Marquez fan. She writes with passion both at work and in her free time.

Six Types of Coffee Drinkers You Probably Know

When it comes to coffee, people have clear preferences. There are no uncertainties, no blank spaces to fill. We, coffee drinkers, develop strong selections and we tend to stick with them for long periods of time, except if there’s a new special at Starbucks. And as we develop these peculiarities about our coffee, we also…

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Five Ways Artists Can Boost Their Social Presence

The Internet has transformed the way we live since most of us are using social networks on a daily basis. More than that, we can interact more easily and create even professional connections. If we are speaking about artists, they have much more opportunities for their professional career. From my perspective, the first way artists…

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How to Create Your Artist Facebook Page

When you start building your online presence, Facebook is an essential part of doing it right. If you already have a website, it is a great way to promote your news and updates. Moreover, if don’t own one yet, it is a great place to start with minimum effort and budget. Bellow you’ll find a…

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Inspiration for Your Decoration Portfolio

Interior decoration is a very important process, because it transforms a house into a home. Having a designer to help you is ideal. But if you can’t afford to work with one, you can always gather inspiration from their work. It is fascinating to see that the design used for their presentation website usually reflects the…

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Your Essentials Kit for Hot Summer Days

I don’t know were you are living, but in my town the averages have passed 85 °F (29 °C). Which in my book, this sure feels like summer. So I’m preparing my list of summer essentials, some stuff you absolutely need to survive hot days and enjoy the sun without any repercussions. So, here it…

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Artist Interview: Alessio Trerotoli, Ubran Melodies and beyond

It always has been a pleasure to promote brilliant artists and a privilege to discover new talents. We met Alessio and his work through our submission art section.  He is an Italian photographer who travels around the world and creates stunning street photography. His latest project is called Urban Melodies and captures the beauty of…

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Low Budget Activities for a Sunny Sunday

It’s officially Spring. Even in the Northern states of the U.S and in Northern Europe, temperatures are high, the sun is up and flowers are bloomed. With such a weather you cannot stay at home. And if money is the reason why you can’t convince yourself to get out, I’ve prepared some alternatives. Not every…

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Top 6 Crime TV Shows You Have to Watch

We all have a natural attraction for mysteries. From the first Agatha Christie novel to complex plots and video games, we like a bit of suspense in our activities. Although many of us have the fear of the unknown, reading a mystery novel, watching a movie or a TV show, playing a game, they all…

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Five Activities for Creating Unusual Art

When we talk about art, people usually think only about painting, sculpting, architecture, music and photography. But the modern era has though us that there are so many other things one can do and raise it to the rang of art. It takes passion and commitment, it implies years of practice and thousands of trials…

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The Adult Version Of Childhood Games

During childhood, our imagination runs wild. We are not afraid, nor ashamed to believe in dragons, to treat our beds like castles or to simply lay in the grass and watch the ants. Playing is the core focus for kids, but somehow when we grow up we end up thinking that those activities are no…

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Instagram Inspiration. 10 Artists You Need to Follow

I simply love Instagram. No fluff, no unneeded information. You can build your stream to match your style and taste. Don’t feel obliged to follow your friends and acquaintances, find people who inspire you and create a visual stream that will energies you.  Here are some accounts I’ve discovered and really like. They are all…

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Fashion Trivia: 10 Fun Facts You Have To Know

Mark Twain once wrote: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Fashion can shape how you define yourself in society and how others perceive you. Here are 10 interesting facts about the fashion industry that may matter to you: 1. Despite what most people would assume, there are more men…

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