An incurable optimist and knowledge enthusiast, Laura is a real foodie, a TV series addict & a huge G. G. Marquez fan. She writes with passion both at work and in her free time.

The Adult Version Of Childhood Games

During childhood, our imagination runs wild. We are not afraid, nor ashamed to believe in dragons, to treat our beds like castles or to simply lay in the grass and watch the ants. Playing is the core focus for kids, but somehow when we grow up we end up thinking that those activities are no…

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Instagram Inspiration. 10 Artists You Need to Follow

I simply love Instagram. No fluff, no unneeded information. You can build your stream to match your style and taste. Don’t feel obliged to follow your friends and acquaintances, find people who inspire you and create a visual stream that will energies you.  Here are some accounts I’ve discovered and really like. They are all…

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Fashion Trivia: 10 Fun Facts You Have To Know

Mark Twain once wrote: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Fashion can shape how you define yourself in society and how others perceive you. Here are 10 interesting facts about the fashion industry that may matter to you: 1. Despite what most people would assume, there are more men…

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Inspiring Quotes on #WorldBookDay

Exactly 400 years ago, two of the most appreciated writers of all times have died. In 1616, Cervantes and Shakespeare have left the humankind to grieve. To honor their memory, 23rd of April has become the World Book Day. Literature is a treasure of the soul. It is said that books make you richer and…

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Strobe Lightning Patterns in Photography

When it comes to photography, some might think it is a fairly limited passion. If you are one of those people, we have some news flash. Photography is a complex art and it takes time, talent and perseverance to master it. We’ve met so many photographers with a great eye and creative ideas. We’ve seen…

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The Legacy of Architect Dame Zaha Hadid

The world or architecture is grieving. Dame Zaha Hadid, the world-renown architect has died of a heart attack at age 65.  Highly appreciated, she was a visionary and a star of the 21st century. Her buildings are scattered all around the world and have inspired generations to come. Photo credit: Forgemind ArchiMedia She was the…

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Artist Interview: Darby Guise, Between Drawing and Writing

As I’ve said before, I really do think that discovering your passion is a matter of luck. And transforming that passion into a career, that takes talent and perseverance. We cannot leave everything to luck and just hope for the best. But what if you have several passions? Do people actually get that lucky!? The…

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Project Highlight: Shot Proof

We’ve met Rachel through a previous submission, her Polaroid inspired project was a great find. She manages to find a universal language trough her art. Her work resonates with people and finds a common ground for appreciation. We really liked her latest series: a mix of emotions, cleverness and talent that tackle a really sensitive…

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Project Highlight: Beyond Abstraction

Imagination is only one of the constant amazement when it comes to art. Talented people from all around the world get inspired by their surroundings and create mind-bending masterpieces. It’s impossible to get to know them all but it gives us great pleasure to discover some of them. Garrett Plummer is one of the artist…

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Flashes from the Red Carpet of the 88th Academy Awards

Well, it happened! The 88th Academy Awards took place last night. With a world holding its breath to see if Leonardo DiCaprio will eventually get his prize and millions of people waiting to see the Best Picture of the year. So let’s take things one by one and start with some amazing outfits from the…

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Best Biographical Movies Based on an Artist’s Life

If biographical books are not your cup of tea, worry not! There are a whole bunch of movies about the lives of many great artists. Consider the fact that not all of them are true, many are fictional stories. Either way, there is something inspirational about each of them. They transport you into a world…

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Five Outfits for Oscar Nominees at Best Actress in a Leading Role

The Academy Awards gala is just around the corner. Imagine the pressure the nominees are under. But they are not the only ones felling the Oscar rush. Everyone who attends it’s probably exited and can’t wait to get on that red carpet. Do you remember the gowns from last year? There were a lot of…

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