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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch St. Vincent (2014) With Bill Murray

1. Bill Murray plays a Vietnam War Veteran, grumpy alcoholic who smokes and gambles regularly and reminds us a lot of the late Walter Matthau, while still definitely being himself. Murray hopped on the train of grumpiness and does it so credible you’d really think he’s the kind of guy that shouts at children to…

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Meninism, the Latest and Best Mockery of Feminism So Far

Although the necessary freedom negotiation for equal rights between men and women is pretty much done already in the civilized world, there are still fights about nuances, in the so-called sexism post-war. Do you remember those viral photos of women holding cardboards with messages on them telling the world why feminism is needed? Well, jokingly…

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Movie Quotes, Movember Style

Movember first began as a phenomenon to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers, but now it looks a bit like it’s becoming more of a facial hair mass growing festival all around the world. Most of the people can’t even remember what Movember was about, they just…

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Tony Baboon, the Tropical Indie Imp from Eastern Europe

Tony Baboon is the musical project of a particularly joyful individual from Br?ila, Romania. His real name is Adrian Cârciova, he is 28 years old, still remembers listening to music on cassetes, loves some good old fishing from time to time and besides music has a talent for visual arts as well. Before going solo…

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Why do Slavs Squat?

Just in case you haven’t already noticed the abundance of pictures with slavs squatting on the Internet in the past months and you have no idea what this means, I think we’d better start with a few prime examples:  slavsquat.com has probably the best definition of the phenomenon and I quote it here: “Slavsquat –…

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KassemG Interviewing Pornstars

Tired of the irrelevant opinions of nowadays pop culture superstars, KassemG did a thing that should’ve been done long ago. And most importantly, he did it in the way it had to be done. Who cares for an insipid respectful interview with women who, after all, sell themselves as meat? The Californian comedian hosted a…

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Quit Photography Now!

Some might still consider photography to be an art, although it’s been officially abolished by the decree of 2008 when all retards of the world had purchased a Nikon or a Canon and claimed themselves artists. So no matter how good a photographer you are, it’s useless. Yes, all the aesthetic knowledge you might have,…

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Pictures From a Sex Toy Factory in China

Ever wondered where silent wives actually come from? Those that don’t bug you, stay put and their sole purpose is to offer you company and pleasure? Well, obviously, from China. Unfortunately I’m not talking about actual Chinese women that can also cook, those might be a bit harder to get discreetly shipped in a box…

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Girl Tattooes Guy’s Face After One Week of Dating. Guy Sells T-shirts of His Face

What would you say if the girl you’ve been with for one week told you that she loved you? That’s not enough time for her to know you to say that, right? Well then what would you say if she tattooed your face on her body? Permanently. So of course, such stupidity had to spread…

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The Simpsons Characters in Famous Movie Posters

Can you imagine a movie industry where Homer is Neo of Matrix or Alex in Clockwork Orange? And where Marge Simpson is the main heroine? What about Moe as Beetlejuice? How would movie posters look in a world where people were yellow and had four fingers? Well, here’s a great collection of an alternate universe Hollywood, fathered…

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Star Wars Yoga by Rob Osborne

Were you aware that Darth Vader‘s favorite Yoga positions are “Revolved Lunge”, “Reverse Warrior” and “Half Lord of the Fishes”? Well neither was I, but self-entitled writer/artist/world conqueror Rob Osborne was creative enough to imagine this. And much more… Ranging from $13 to $19, posters of the Star Wars Yoga are available to buy on…

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Let the Kids Play: Techno Viking Action Figure

It’s 2012 and it looks like this is the right time to have an action figure inspired from a person who rose to fame on the almighty Internet. Remember that 5 years old meme with the “bare-chested man wearing a Thor’s hammer pendant”? In YouTube years that’s ancient, right? Forget about Action Man, dinosaurs, cowboys and…

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