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How to build a property portfolio that works best for you

Aiming to build your property portfolio can be a daunting prospect at first. Recognizing positive trends in the housing market and understanding the potential in different property investments will stand you in good stead to make lucrative decisions that will lead to a positive, prosperous, long term investment. With the private rented sector outperforming most…

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Top Tips For Visiting New York City

Have you been thinking about taking a trip to New York City? This is the city that never sleeps and so it is somewhere that appears on the bucket list for many people around the world. Many people who live on the East Coast have never even visited New York City due to just how…

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How to Take Your YouTube Content to the Next Level

YouTube is still the most popular video sharing platform today – with over one billion users – but it is also the most competitive. Anyone can be a content creator right now, so competing for the attention of your audience becomes more difficult. You have to bring your A-game with every video you produce. Fortunately,…

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3 main reasons why global street art is so powerful

From its inception, street art was meant to be transgressive: its rise in the 1970s as a subculture phenomenon was out of rebellion against urban blight, poverty, and failures of the modern world structure. Today, street art can be found on buildings, sidewalks, street signs and trash cans all across the world, from Tokyo to…

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10 morning routine tips to improve productivity

Creating your own morning routine can drastically help to improve your feelings of productivity throughout the day. Though the internet is chock-full of morning routine ideas and examples for how successful people organize their mornings to achieve success, only you know how to create a schedule and routine that suits you. One person might swear…

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Top 5 Adorable 18th birthday gifts

Birthday is the best days of a person’s life. Everyone needs to feel like a king or queen on this special day. Celebrating 18th is a fantasy of every teen. You pass all the legal certificates of doing anything with full rights. 18 is the starting to taste life, what it has to offer. It’s…

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Planning the Perfect Backyard BBQ

As soon as temperatures get back up into the 70s, the urge to host a backyard BBQ skyrockets as fast as your vitamin D intake. Maybe you’re thinking about low budget activities for a sunny Sunday afternoon, planning a Memorial Day celebration for the neighborhood block party, or simply looking for a reason to get…

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How to Dress for a Date at the Movies

Unlike a dinner date, a night out at the movies allows for a more casual dress code. This lets you better show off your own style and personality. We know that it can be a nerve-wracking event. Putting together the right outfit can give you a boost of confidence, letting you relax and have better…

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The story of Banksy: The world as his canvas

Who Is Banksy? UK-based street artist Banksy is one of the most controversial street artists to emerge on the global stage today due to his politically- and philosophically-charged satirical street art. The works of Banksy have appeared in America, Australia, Canada, England, France, Israel, Jamaica and Palestine, making him one of the most famous international…

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11 Wedding Theme Ideas For Your 2019 Wedding

Planning your wedding can be one of the hardest, most time-consuming and even frustrating experiences of a couple’s life together. However, once you pinpoint a theme, you can move forward with the wedding of your dreams! Seriously, everything after that just seems to fall into place. The theme of your wedding determines all the aesthetic…

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How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Bogged Down in the Daily Commute

According to research, we Brits spend over 8,000 hours commuting during our lifetimes. That’s a lot of time – a lot of wasted, stressful time. From being stuck in a queue of traffic to finding your train’s been canceled, there are so many aspects of the daily commute that aren’t pleasant and are downright stressful….

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Life Hacks to Save Time

The world is a busy place, and in the switched-on society that we’re living in, it’s only getting busier. Because of this, our day-to-day lives can often feel so hectic that we don’t want to do basic tasks, and many needs become chores we can’t face. However, we’ve highlighted a few life hacks below to…

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