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Adela or Le Mole explores the unknown paths of the internet on her journey of discovering new interesting art talents worth mentioning. She tries to be inspiring to inspire others, interesting to make readers interested. All kinds of art, lifestyle, food concepts, fashion, social media but mostly underground art or artists who deserve to be mentioned is what she enjoys writing about.

Deniz Okan’s Colorful Fashion Photography

Deniz Okan is a fashion photographer based in Turkey. He enjoys creating novelistic characters and giving the souls of these unusual atmospheres to his models by choosing a story. Instead of capturing daily life’s usual moments, the photographer dreams of stories and then brings them to life. We’re featuring two of his photo series: Visible…

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Francesca Marcaccio Captures Unconcious Nostalgia in Floating Nest Project

Floating Nest is a project by Francesca Marcaccio which explores the relation between the nostalgia of leaving home and the objects that we attach ourselves to in our intimate spaces. By photographing people in bedrooms, their most private spaces, the artist aims to portray how they use their personal belongings in order to define their personal…

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Ramakant Sharda’s Colourful Experiments with Macro Photography

Ramakant Sharda is a passionate about photography based in Jaipur, India. Although photography is just a hobby, he likes to experiment with various techniques, with a keen interest for macro photography and water drop photography. He submitted to us some of his series and described how he played with colors, soap and water drops. It’s…

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Miguel Vallinas Explores Identity in the Skins Series

Miguel Vallinas Prieto, Spanish photographer focused on advertising and industrial photography, is the creative mind behind two interesting series: “Skins” and “Second Skins”. In his work, the artist commonly explores landscape and nature photography, cityscape or contemporary architecture and portraits. Carefully crafted works of planning lighting, location and techniques, his images prompt reflection and contemplation….

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Digital Paintings by Dorothee Golz

Dorothee Golz, Vienna-based photographer, sculptor, illustrator and artist is the author behind “Digital paintings”, a series combining famous portraits from the Renaissance era onto bodies and settings from nowadays. The reality from the two time periods are compared and combined in a series of challenging paintings that would fit the most avid art fan and…

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Avantgarde Collages by Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela, a well rounded artist based in Italy, likes to combine photography, painting, cartoon art and collage techniques into avantgarde illustrations. After specializing several years in black and white painting, the artist found a total freedom from experimenting with different materials, colors and techniques. The result? “An incredible crazy alchemy”, as the artist himself…

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New Fashion Shoots by Barbaros Cangürgel: Maleficent and Gas in the Park

Barbaros Cangürgel is one of the many artists we’ve covered on Mole Empire. A cinema student based in Turkey, Barbaros has come to our attention with his contemplative photography, which he calls “visual data”. Today we’re featuring two of his most recent photographic series: “Walt Disney” and “Gas in the Park”. If you liked the…

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Exhibition: Aleksandar Basic – The Origin of the World at Paul McPherson Gallery

Inspired by the controversial painting of Gustave Courbet titled “The Origin of the World”, UK based visual artist Aleksandar Basic creates a modern version of the 1866 painting in a series of mix-media drawings which will be exhibited in London at the Paul McPherson gallery this October. Experimenting with unconventional materials like human hair, spray paint and inspired…

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Top Online Activities Worth your Time in 2015 and Maybe Inspire your Art

Re-adapting or trying to figure out a pace of the new year, we all have reflected on resolutions or at least a thought of wishes we’d like to accomplish this year both professionally and on a personal level. The fact that we have moved more and more of our activities in the online world is…

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Modern Life Translated into Traditional Media in Dario Mekler’s Paintings

Dario Mekler is a graphic designer and illustrator from Argentina. Using colors to attract the viewer in an aesthetically pleasant way, his works ironizes modern living, with a subtle note of pessimism. With tribal elements, his images have a somehow futuristic aspect, a colorful world where the viewer is invited to reflect for a moment…

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Females and Flowers in “Fiorile” by Cristiana Gasparotto

Cristiana Gasparotto is an Italian born photographer who currently lives and works in Madrid. With a background in history and literature, the artist found in photography a powerful and appropriate medium for her emotional experiences. Some time ago, I started to observe the light through my camera and explore new personal territories to investigate the…

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CAVEA Light Installation on the Beach of Cadaques

Cavea Ephemeral is a cool installation created by a team of designers for the Sensorium Gran Gala of Surrealism on the main beach of Cadaques, in the north of Cataluña. Home to artists like Dalí and Federico García Lorca, this town hosts every year an event which brings together art, music and literature. A team of…

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