Artist Interview: Ehsan Mehrbakhsh, Illustrator and Animation Maker

We continue our artist interviews and thanks to the talented people who have submitted their work, we got the chance to meet Ehsan Mehrbakhsh. Ehsan is an Iranian illustrator and animation maker currently living in Milano, Italy. The series of question we’ve prepare for him will let you know more about his art. How do…

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Great Animations Used in Non-Profit Campaigns

About a week ago I wrote something about jokes used to verbalize harsh truth. Well, this post goes somehow in that area as well. Depending on the visuals we use we can transmit a message that is easier to assimilate. And brands learned this thing the moment the introduced animations in their marketing campaigns. Watching…

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Tony Baboon, the Tropical Indie Imp from Eastern Europe

Tony Baboon is the musical project of a particularly joyful individual from Br?ila, Romania. His real name is Adrian Cârciova, he is 28 years old, still remembers listening to music on cassetes, loves some good old fishing from time to time and besides music has a talent for visual arts as well. Before going solo…

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Most Subscribed Man on Youtube Did It Again

Is Ray William Johnson one of the most annoying faces of the Internet, just next to the Annoying Orange? Might be. Nevertheless, did you know that his channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube as of September 2011? Yeah. But this year he started uploading videos on another YouTube channel that I really think…

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The Meth Minute 39

In 2007 Dan Meth created 39 short animations that to this day still comprise one of the funniest Internet series ever. Although at that time the episodes had some success, especially via Channel Frederator, it’s rather surprising that after years since their release, only a few of the most popular of them have a massive…

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Supernatural: The Animation

This year Supernatural  fans have two great reasons to be excited since Warner Bros not only announced that a 7th season is in the making, despite the show being initially planned for  5 seasons, but an animated version of  the popular TV series will soon be released, as well. Supernatural is one of the few…

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