How to Increase Efficiency in College

The main objective of any student while studying at a college is to receive the desired degree or professional qualification. In order to reach this important achievement, everybody should fulfill all sorts of academic duties and obligations. It is necessary to keep a constant track of the academic progress and do whatever is needed to…

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Infographic: College Dropout Rates

Here is an interesting infographic portraying facts and statistics regarding the drop out rates of US college freshmen. Among other information, it includes the top reasons students decide to drop out of school in their first year, the financial impact this has on the US economy and the impact this decision has on college drop-outs…

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Infographic: How Do College Students Use Their Time?

While a lot of parents would give anything for a peak in the life of their student children, they can now get a general idea by studying this infographic on how college students use or spend their time. In addition it also features an interesting comparison between high school and college schedules. Click to enlarge…

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