Inspiration for Your Decoration Portfolio

Interior decoration is a very important process, because it transforms a house into a home. Having a designer to help you is ideal. But if you can’t afford to work with one, you can always gather inspiration from their work. It is fascinating to see that the design used for their presentation website usually reflects the…

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Inspiring DIY Decor for Your Wanderlust Soul

The passion to travel has inspired many people. Discovering new places in an adventure that keeps many of us alive and gives us a feeling of satisfaction. Travelers are usually creative people, creative people usually like to surround themselves with crafty decorations. To create the perfect mood for your wanderlust soul, you just need to…

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Five Halloween Party Ideas To Impress

Looking for a new way to celebrate Halloween? Well, then probably a simpe costume party is not gonna cut the chase. The true beauty that relies in this holiday is its versatility. Play tricks on your guests, transform imagination into reality and create a night to remember. So if you want to maximize the potential…

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Cheap DIY Decorations For A Spooky Halloween

Dust off your costumes, stack up on chocolate candy, and buy some pumpkins because Halloween is coming!  But in order to properly enjoy this holiday and to receive your guests in the right setting, you must first prepare your decorations. In case you thought you need to spend a little fortune just to get a…

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Dotillism, Transforming Dots Into Beautiful Art

Have you ever heard of Dotillism? Neither did I! And that’s because it’s a new form of art, a concept established by Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist who believes she can bring joy to people’s life through vibrant colors and dots. The term Dotillism she used to describe her art was created because she could…

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Levitating Sports Balls For Desks

Huge fan of sports and/or technology? It doesn’t really matter because now you can mix both of them. The “Zero-G Sports Levitating Balls” are some really cool gadgets that mix both sports and technology. These anti-gravity sports balls seem to float mysteriously in mid-air, above their mini-fields, but this levitation is possible due to electronically induced magnetism….

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