Pros and Cons of Distant Education

With time the lifestyle has changed a lot and alongside has changed the education type. Day by day distance education is becoming more and more popular. Flexibility is the main reason why students of modern age choose this type of education over anything else. However, even though this is the most preferred mode of education…

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Effective Ways to Use Video Online

Video is one of the most powerful and effective ways to communicate with an online audience. Modern video creation technologies, video sharing websites, social media websites and a huge number of talented video specialists have all contributed to make video one of the biggest advances in the online world. Millions of hours of content in…

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Infographic: Education by Country

There are a lot of voices arguing that a country’s future stands in the quality of its educational system. No wonder top world powers invest a great deal of resources in education, but what is exactly their return on investment? Here is an infographic comparing educational systems in the US, China, Russia, France, Germany and…

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MoSex: Where Knowledge Meets Pleasure

Photo source New York’s 5th Avenue hides one of still most controversial museums in the history of human kind: MoSex.¬†For less that 18 euro one can access a collection of over 15,000 artefacts and costumes, research material, and a media library. Photos¬†source So far, the Museum of Sex managed to blow peoples minds, fight the…

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4 TEDTalks That Inspire You To Change Your Lifestyle

There’s always a nice feeling that I get after watching a TED talk. Either it’s a feeling of awareness, of power, a matter to meditate about or just some friendly advice, those inspiring talks make you think. The fact is that we stumble across inspirational articles and videos everyday, but how many of them really…

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