Dark Blonde Hair Ideas We All Want To Try This Year

Some few years ago, dark blonde hair color was most favorite hair hue for many women. However, this hair colour disappeared, but today it has made a big come back and this time more rejuvenated in style. The most preferred thing about this hair color is that it can be applied to any natural hair…

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Braids Inspiration For Your Everyday Hairstyle

If you own a Pinterest account you’ve probably saw how popular braids are. And as good as they look as hard they are to create. It might be easy to do them on someone else but if you try to do them for yourself things get tricky. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying…

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Hollywood Trends: Pixie Haircut

When it comes to style, it is usually said that less means more. Maybe that’s what hollywood stars try to express lately with their really short haircuts. Ever since the famous model of the 60’s – Twiggy – started wearing her hair really short it has become a trend for famous women to try and…

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