From Poker to Hearthstone – Is There Really Any Difference?

Hearthstone has been blamed more and more by its large fan base of becoming increasingly RNG-based and not rewarding skilled players, with wins relying almost solely on drawing the right card at the right time or having the random events go in your favor. Seeing an ex-professional poker player such as the German self-proclaimed ‘Lifecoach’…

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eSports in the context of betting

Earnings by betting appeared in ancient times. As you know, in Ancient Rome days, people were making bets on gladiatorial combat. Later betting began to focus on sports, including equestrian. And now the most modern facility of bookmaking is eSports. It was born recently but already gained huge popularity. Its essence lies in the fact…

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Get Some Great Value Out of Real Money Games Online

We all like being entertained and these days there’s probably no easier place to find a huge variety of entertaining games than online. No matter what you like to play, you can find games to suit you at hundreds of different gaming websites. But what about when you want the added excitement of playing for…

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A beginner’s guide to online bingo

Of all the online games that are available to play, it may come as a surprise to hear that one of the most popular games around is bingo. If you’ve never played the game, you may be wondering why it’s so popular. History Bingo has always been a hugely popular game, ever since it was…

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The Rise in Online Gaming: How, Where and Who plays?

From e-games to lottery games, video games and even social networking and mobile games, the online gaming industry is a giant, with something to offer to anyone. Today’s highly digital world is making even traditional games migrate in the online world. Lottery games like bingo or gambling have been revolutionized and their online version is…

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The Gaming Culture: Console, Facebook and Mobile

Why do people play games? People play games to be entertained. Games provide a form of escape and act as a way to take one’s mind away from the stress of reality, by allowing the player to immerse themselves in another activity – a distraction from life and its challenges. Console games Video games have…

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