Can online friendship save you from painful break up

There are always two problems that are of concern to many people. The first one is how to find love, and the second one is how to overcome a break up. While some people are deliriously happy with love relationships and are on cloud nine, other folks suffer pain, disappointment and loneliness because a big…

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Moving on from a break-up

Going through the breakdown of a relationship is never easy, even if you’re the one who’s decided to end it. It takes a while for the dust to settle, and for each of you to get over the fact that the relationship has come to an end. But when you look at some of the…

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Critical Tools to Build Relationships

Having good relationships is a key factor for a person’s well being. Your circle of friends can be a support system for you. People develop relationships through their careers, hobbies or volunteer work. Making friends and staying in touch with them takes time and effort. If your mental health is an issue, you may not be…

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Getting Over the Depression of a Breakup and Reclaiming Your Life

I think I can vouch for all women when I say that dealing with a relationship breakup can be rough. You’ve put all of your time and energy into building a strong bond with someone, and suddenly, it’s no longer working out. Whether the cause for the breakup was the direct result of something you…

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Top 10 Break Up Songs

One thing that we’ve learned from movies, is that you can’t go through a break up without crashing on your couch for weeks (or moths) surrounded by pizza leftovers, chocolate wrapping, dirty clothes and empty alcohol bottles. Just imagine yourself: you’re watching TV, holding an ice-cream bucket on your lap, a spoon in your right…

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