Ruby On Rails: Still Rolling.

In the fast-changing environment of software development, technologies come and go rapidly, updating with every new iteration of hardware and infrastructure. By comparison, Ruby On Rails seems to have been around forever, seeing its first release way back in 2005 – ancient history in development terms. While it’s been written off several times since then,…

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5 reasons why professionals use practice management software

Running a successful or busy practice can be a tough job that can be stressful at times. You will have to track many moving parts and the satisfaction of your clients or the health and wellbeing of the patients depends on the smoothness of your services. The systems that you have in place might have…

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3 Tips to Record High Quality Videos from a Computer Screen

As you’re probably aware it is possible to capture video footage directly from your computer screen using screen recorders. However if you attempt to do so you may notice that the videos you capture don’t quite live up to your expectations in terms of quality, and may appear blurry and unclear, or have banding issues….

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3 Tips to Create Stunning Black and White Photos

Black and white photography has a long and storied history, and till today many photographers consider it an excellent medium. Because of that many photographers often convert their color photos to black and white using filters that are built-in to digital cameras, or using photo editors. Irrespective of the method that you’re using, there are…

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How to understand in what casino it is worth to play?

How to find a casino to play? Certainly many people ask the question, “In what casino to play?”, “Where can I find all of these great games, with honesty and decent service? Despite the fact that you can often encounter with the exchange network, there are a lot of worthy online betting houses. Casino status…

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Software and Mobile Application Development: Key Methods

The latest technologies have brought new methods, ways, together with solutions for online promotion campaigns. Today, when some business tends to reach higher popularity and increase its profit, modern mechanisms allow providing the best results. With the high speed of data transference and huge base of Internet users, usage of website and application software is…

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