Three of the most picturesque walking holiday destinations in England

Most British people don’t associate home turf with the perfect holiday destination but we’re about to share some locations that will get you thinking differently. For walkers, there are some amazing routes where the natural beauty of the landscape will blow your mind – and you’ll be amazed you hadn’t discovered it sooner. Here are…

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Why Cruises are Enjoying a Resurgence Amongst Younger Holidaymakers

When you picture a cruise holiday, it is likely that you will conjure an image of older folk relaxing aboard and playing bingo. This is no longer the image of cruises as the industry has been shaken up in an attempt to appeal to younger-holidaymakers. This has proven successful, as the average age of a…

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The Best Places in the Mid-West for Adventure Holidays

Those that go on holiday to the USA usually pick one of the iconic cities like New York, Los Angeles or Boston. Whilst these are fantastic destinations and certainly places everyone should visit, many adventure seeking holidaymakers will be looking for something slightly alternative. America’s mid-west is the perfect place for adventurous types and also…

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The World’s Stickiest Attractions

Sticking chewing gum in different places has been one of the human’s hidden pleasures since the dawn of early school years. Considered by most of people unhygienic and gross, sticky chewing gum has taken unexpected forms,  becoming both a piece of art and a trademark of some places.

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Top 4 Blue Beaches In The World

4. Laccadive Beaches, India Photo by cprogrammer on Flickr. The exotic beaches of Laccadive,  or Lakshadweep in Sanskrit, is a group of 36 islands on the shore of the Arabian Sea. Upon visiting The Laccadive Sea, one will find themselves at the intersection of three exotic places: India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Besides the pictoresque…

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10 Tips For A Moneyless Vacation At Home

Photo by Alexander Andreev on Flickr. 10 things? There may be a thousand things you could do while at home, complaining that you can’t go on vacation in top-ranked locations. Most of the complaints deal with work and the lack of money: you’re either too tied up to leave work, or your budget doesn’t allow…

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