Book Sculptures 1

Who said that books are only for reading? Try to read this book, with its words cut out. Now who would spend so much time to cut words out of some book, and, more importantly, for what purpose? Book sculpture is the answer.

Artists like Brian Dettmer, Su Blackwell and Robert The use actual books as a prime material to create some amazing paper art.

We can see in the following how the artists create 3D figures, digging into the ‘soul’ of the book to create complex forms, either it is a book gun, a fairy tale story, or some anatomical interior of a book.

Do you agree with this form of book mutilation?

Anyway, enjoy!

Book Sculptures Brian Dettmer 1

Book Sculptures Brian Dettmer 2

Photos from centripetalnotion.

Book Sculptures Su BlackWell 1

Book Sculptures Su BlackWell 2

Book Sculptures Su BlackWell 3

Photos by Su Blackwell.

Book Sculptures McLuhan

Book Sculptures Gun

BookgunsPhotos from bookgun.