How do you attract your employers attentionPhoto by Simone Lovati on Flickr.

Let’s face it: the era when people got out on the street with their CV in their hands is over. And so are the times when wearing your CV printed on your shirt brought some attention. Now the new rage is trying to get your employer’s attention on the web, in a creative way, especially if you’re working in a creative industry, like advertising, design or arts.

Building up and updating your profile on LinkedIn, following your desired employers in Twitter, tweeting about your job hunt, uploading your CV online is not enough nowadays. Strengthening your online presence is important, but it’s not everything. You have to reach to your desired employers in a way that really surprises them and makes them want to reach for you.

Here are some real stories about individuals who used online marketing in their advantage, being employed by some well know companies.

The Google Job Experiment

Alec Brownstein is currently employed at Y&R New York. Last year, while googling the name of his favourite creative directors, he decided to invest in a 6$ Google AdWords campaign, by purchasing the names of the directors.

So, when they googles their names, the top search was a message from Alec: ‘Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun too’, with a link to his website. This self promotion campaign got him 2 job offers and by the end of the year he was already employed at Y&R.

Cover Letter with Twitter Messages

Scott James decided to write his cover letter in twitter updates style, trying to highlight in this way his skills. The unconventional cover letter got him the social media internship he was applying for.

Classified video transmission

Matt Stafford caught the attention of his employer by sending him an email with url to a video which will ‘self distruct on Friday’. The mistery and the air of confidentiality of his video definetely convinced Chris Clarke to hire Matt imediately.

What’s your technique?