November 1st will be a day of silence in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. Voluntary silence in order to raise awareness for people with autism, for which social communication is one of the biggest challenges of everyday life.

What is the name of this initiative? Communication Shutdown, a campaign intended to raise funds for autist groups in 40 countries. The campaign encourages people to stay away from their Facebook and Twitter accounts for one day, in order to get just a slight feeling about what autist individuals go through everyday.

Those who want to join have to make a donation in order to receive a Charity App or CHAPP. This CHAPP will generate a badge announcing the support of the cause with an online badge and as and extra bonus, the picture of the donator will be added in the multitude of pictures from the website. The minimum donation, depending on the region is USD$5, AUD$5, £5 or €5.

Find out more details on Facebook.