The geek finding the sex partner poem

Photo by Rodrigo Paoletti on Flickr.

I said SYN
She replied ACK
And I was like SYN+ACK?!
Wow cool; let's grab a drink.
So I asked her
Accept-encoding: on-rocks, soda?
She replied
Content-length: 50ml

Content-encoding: on-rocks
So we consumed the first GET
Did some parallel requests for the resources
GET /wanna-go-home-see-my-brand-new-core-i5-laptop
200 OK she replied
And I was wow again.
Did a HEAD request
Got empty page instead
Retried with a trailing slash
Checked the headers
Looked ok.
Went for the body
Ate the tracking cookie
Did some client pull
Server push
Still waiting for her FIN...

Connection timed out!

The tracking cookie