Tips for a better morning Garfield

Mornings – quiet, peaceful, the most pure moment of a day. The best occasion to start a productive day. Sure, not all of us are morning persons. However, most of the time you do have to get up early, and there are a few tips to save some time and get up more easier in the morning.

Tips for a better morning Garfield getting enough sleep

Sleep better and sleep more.

People who wake up easy are the ones getting enough  profound sleep. Think about it: do you really have to be a couch potatoe and watch a movie until midnight? Another popular trend that keeps folks up is watching tv shows. It’s a perfect way to relaxe after a stressful day, but sometimes, when watching shows with short episodes you get a bit carried away and you loose track of time. ‘Just another one’, you say, while time flies. A good morning is always prepared in the evening.

Tips for a better morning Garfield monday

Be constant.

There’s always a tendency to sleep more in the weekends, thinking that this will help us ‘refill’, but this is actually the reason why for a lot of us Mondays are killing us. the truth is that we don’t have two biological clocks, one for the week and another one for the weekends. That is why if you sleep to much on weekends you unbalance the natural equilibrium of your body. So your weekend sleep shouldn’t be with more than one hour from the normal sleep.

Tips for a better morning Garfield sun

Enjoy the light.

Pull the curtains, open the window, and enjoy the morning sunlight. If you’re on vacation, you can go for a walk in the grass, in bear feet. These are simple gestures, forgotten ones, which bring us back to childhood joy.

Tips for a better morning Garfield smile

Now you can start your day with your habits: coffee, breakfast, routine. Have a nice day!