Greatest Coffee Mood Songs

Photo by ercwttmn on Flickr.

Coffee, the beverage that usually marks the beginning of a new day has always been associated with different music and has always been a source of inspiration for artists and the theme for some of the greatest songs. There’s a certain state of mind associated with coffee and the moments when its magic is revealed: that dreamy, calm, instrumental, sometimes jazzy mood. And surprisingly, there are songs that are not necessarily about coffee, but go hand in hand with the coffee mood. Check out this selection we’ve made:

Frank Sinatra – The Coffee Song

One of the classics about coffee, about how Brasil is full of coffee. Frank Sinatra rocks either he’s singing about the summer wind or the magical coffee. For the romantic coffee mood!

Peggy Lee – Black Coffee

Peggy Lee’s 1948 release single Black Coffee isn’t about the moments when coffee makes you dreamy, it’s about the blue moments when coffee is black and is poured just to keep you awake. It’s about women sinking their regrets in coffee and mourning.

Urma – Buy Me With a Coffee

You can buy me with a coffee, I’m so cheap! What more is to be said? Romanian band Urma sings about love, regrets, and coffee.

Charles Trenet – Le Grand Cafe

From the French repertoire, the classic Grand Cafe, one of the finest pieces of Charles Trenet. For the moments playful, silly, juvenile moments. We preferred this cover to the original version, it’s more modern.

Felipecha – La matin du Cafe

French folk band Felipecha caught out attention with the song Un petit peu d’air (A little air), when we discovered this song. The reversing of words in the title are of some effect, and the song is for the moody mornings.

Norah Jones – Sunrise

But a song doesn’t need to be explicitly about coffee to make you feel the aroma of coffee. It’s all about a smell, a sound and a memory. This is the case for Norah Jones’ Sunrise, which I always associated with the calm, sunny mornings, when with the eyes not yet barely open you crawl in the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Crash Test Dummies – Afternoons and Coffeespoons

Afternoons will be measured out with Coffeespoons and T.S. Elliot is just one of the lovely lyrics of this lovely song, for the days when you’re too lazy to do anything and sit all day long in your pijamas.

Tea for Two

Coffee, tea, their aromas sometimes mix in a way that it’s difficult to distinguish between the two. And Coffee for Two sounds just as good as Tea for Two, so why not turn this classic in a coffee-mood song. I think I’ll settle on Ella Fitzgerald’s version of the song.

Carmen McRae – New York State of Mind

From the same category, Carmen McRae might bring some in a Coffee State of Mind. Caution: the song may cause addiction!

What are the songs which go with your coffee, in any mood? Either it’s a black moody coffee, or the dreamy coffee, what do you listen to?