Tequileiras do Funk is a band that became popular in Brazil by setting up a not so ordinary kind of show. A show that spread on and on, particularly by the popularization of their “Surra de Bunda” tune and their very specific dance moves. And judging by Wikipedia’s description of the Surra de Bunda phenomenon, “a dance which involves a female dancer beating her buttocks into a man’s face”, it should be expected for this kind of show to become popular especially in a juicy-ass-friendly Brazil. Now before you jump to any conclusion just watch this:


And for a closer and more private approach from a supposedly Surra de bunda professional, study this one in depth:


Of course, most of the guys watching this will just laugh and bash those guys laying on the floor getting buttocked, but will secretly desire to experiment themselves a true Surra de Bunda. So did these two Brazilians who actually decided to experiment the real thing and put out their noses on the line for some South American first class bootie-on-face smashing. They seem quite happy about it, don’t you think?

As for the weak-tushed chicks feeling grossed out (to be read jealous) for the ritualistic-vaginal-empowering-cock-arousing and teasing forces proven by the Brazilian “bate com a bunda” Amazonians, goddesses of a secular matriarchal society in which we all secretly dream to live in, don’t give up the fight. For  there are always uncharted pedophiles wandering around looking for a façade relationship and they will accept your child-like derrière reminding them of your 12-year old cousin, Michelle.