The creation in the picture above is entitled the Banana Schooner. No, it’s not some ad for encouraging healthy eating, or some photo illusion, it’s actually a piece of art made from a real banana.

Banana Boat Jacob Dahlstrup 2

Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup builds miniature boats from bananas, which he entitles simply banana boats. He uses ripe bananas, wood, pins, anchors and fabric to create these vessels.  His work is, without any doubt, of great originality, but it makes me wonder: how much does it last? Does he change the bananas after a couple of days or the bananas are left to become rotten for a more piratish look?

Banana Boat Jacob Dahlstrup 3

His pieces of art were exposed recently at Shoreditch Town Hall, in London.

The question is are we really dealing with a piece of art or just a funny looking fruit delight? How would you rate the banana boats?

Photos by Jacob Dahlstrup.