Eggs in the morning

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Photo by Mr T in DC on Flickr/Creative Commons.

Fans of eggs in the morning, either they’re fried or poached, might recognize that the average eggs look just like the ones in the picture above. The eggs that a person with normal cooking skills can do, I mean. Of course, if you’re a famous chef your eggs might look slighty better than those. Fortunately, there is a solution for making good looking eggs without much of an effort.

Check out these cool egg shapes for a happy morning: just crack the eggs in the shapes, wait for some magic to happen and when the eggs are ready, just pull them off from the ring. The shapes allow the cooking of multiple eggs in the same time, making extra space in the frying pan, so that everyone can eat in the same time.

Which one is your favorite?

Flower power

Daisy_Shaped_Egg_Fry_RingsThe daisy shaped egg fry rings are the perfect detail to brighten up your morning. Also indicated for lazy weekends.

Check them out here.

The Classic Touch

Ring Shaped EggsIf you prefer the classic round eggs and find flowers too childish, then the round fry rings are just the thing for you.

Take a closer look here.


Gun egg shapesPhoto from ihavenourlatall on Tumblr.

But, if you have kids who don’t like fried eggs, maybe this gun design will make their breakfast more appealling.

For more details, here.

…and showing some love

Heart Shaped Egg Fry RingsPhoto from ihavenourlatall on Tumblr.

Ok, this might be exagerated for some, but since heart – shaped cookies are acceptable, why shouldn’t heart – shaped eggs go in the same category? These lovely hearts can be found over here.