Fans and users of Facebook, take a deep breath because the new Profile Page is up and ready to use. It’s been around for some time that Facebook is having a redesign and that Mark Zuckerberg is going to show a preview in the CBS show 60 Minutes from last night, but just some hours before the show Facebook announced the new profiles on Twitter.

If you haven’t activated your new profile yet, then upgrade it by clicking here, because there’s certainly a lot of changes going around. Facebook has been going through major changes lately but it seems like this is the bigger one. The new Profile Page focuses on telling your story and making it more visual than ever: there are photos everywhere and your profile photo is more emphasized.

  • On top, there is a description of who you are from when you grew up till present. You can also add the Languages that you can speak. It’s like introducing yourself to the world. Thumbs up for this feature!
  • Imediatelly after, you can see your tagged photos, to give people a better view of what you’ve been up to lately. If you don’t like a photo, you can choose not to have it in the list of tagged photo simply by clicking X.
  • Perhaps the most dramatic change is the movement of the Wall from top to the left menu, how are we going to get used to this? There are no more tabs, all information is accessed from the menu below your profile picture. Also the political and religious views together with the Quotations and the newly introduced “People that inspire you” have been added in the section marked as “Phylosophy”.
  • You can also boost your Education and Work info, add classmates, classes and projects you’ve been involved in. Personally I find it very useful to keep your contacts categorized in this way. It’s like LinkedIn is migrating to Facebook.
  • The Interests section is now more visual, including photos for each activity. You can also complete your information with the section Sports which has been added: not just add the sports that your practicing, but add your favourite teams and athletes as well.
  • You can have a better overview of your friends, and group them in categories which matter to you: Family, Best Friends, Coworkers. Facebook now displays Family and Friends, rather than showing just Friends.
  • The relationships that you’re having with your friends are better emphasized: when clicking on someone’s profile, in the right side you can see everything that you and that person have in common, including groups, friends, activities and interests.

But anyway, what about the privacy settings? Do you feel that your information is more revealed? Anyway, Facebook has announced that the new design keeps the privacy settings unchanged. It’s true, but with this new profile you’re more encouraged and exposed to socializing even more than before.

How do you find the experience of the new Profile Page? Do you like it? Or totally hate it? Was the older version better? Which features do you find useful? Let us know in the comments.