Adidas Superstar Facebook

If you call yourself a social media enthusiast, than you should be very proud to walk around with the Facebook and Twitter Superstar Adidas shoes designed by Gerry McKay. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the shoes haven’t been produced (yet) by Adidas, although they were petitioned to do it.

Anyway, imagine the impact of such a trend: I’m scared of the perspective of doing maketing in this way. Personalized objects, and T-shirts are very usual, but Adidas sharing their brand with world-conquering Facebook it’s not like it’s going to happen very soon.

The Facebook sneakers have more of a finese touch in comparison with the Twitter ones, besides the colour and the logo, on the interior one can find also the definition of Facebook. (Like anynone would need it!)

Adidas Superstar Twitter

I was wondering if you would buy such shoes? How much you’d be willing to pay for them? If you can’t decide between the two, maybe you’ll design yourself a personalized Adidas Superstar based on your favourite social network. It would be a blast. So, which one’s your favourite?