Half of the people live their life with their brain in stand-by. They confuse their ideas with someone elses’, thinking that the effort is all their “creation”.

Well, creative thinking is the only one generating ideas. The only one capable of taking you out of the sleep you’re surviving in, helping you to become more productive.

Train yourself to become more creative! 🙂

Here’s how:

1. Let your instincts run free.

When you feel tired, anxious or angry, get some rest, sleep how much you want. Eat and drink. Don’t deny yourself the little pleasures of life.

It’s the only way of stimulating the “brain of your instinct”. This one’s actually located in the back of your head, and it’s the primary material for creativity. If you let it sleep, the source of you creativity is practically deactivated.

2. Feed you brain with problems.

And by this I don’t mean: turn everything into a problem. We’re all used to analytical thinking, we just don’t do it so often.

People generally have the tendency to ignore things that require thinking. But the thing is that trying to analyze even insignificant aspects of your life will train you left side of the brain.

3. Stop hiding your emotions

Sadness and anger are natural feelings, and so is happiness. They’re all stimulating your brain. Don’t supress your feelings.

Establish your good mood by watching a sentimental movie, reading a crappy but a happy – ending book. Listen to the music that you like.

4. Do something with your hands

A lot of people have their thinking coordinated with the movement of their muscles. Don’t know if you noticed, but usually creative individuals have very expressive mimics and gestures. They can describe with their hand what they see.

Usually doing things with your hands is an exercise for your brain. This involves drawing, plastic arts, even cooking or setting up the table. You could even go one step further and do some DIY. There’s a lot of activities you could do around the house from putting up a shelf or replacing your improving your shed to have shed windows from Simply Plastics.

5. Train your brain with cartoons, music and colors

Walt Disney’s cartoons never fail. Even when training the right side of your brain. Seeing characters being crashed and rising up again like nothing happened or watching gravity being contradicted stimulates you brain and makes it analyze the absurd.

Music and colors are also a great way to train the right side of your brain. This is where all the dreams get born.

Hope that you’ll find these simple techniques useful. Because all parts of your brain work as super – computers which can be programed to boost up your creativity. You just have to figure out the code.

So what makes you more creative? Where do all the good ideas come from? Some people argue that best ideas are born while in the bathroom, but maybe it’s only a myth. What do you think?

Photo by Heather Katsoulis on Flickr/Creative Commons.