Energy nutritional tips for people on the run busy at computer

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It seems like living in today’s world drains all of your energy. Your phone’s ringing, there are a lot on your to do list today, it’s impossible to stay away from the email for one moment, and Facebook/Twitter keeps distracting you. Moreover, there’s a feeling of sleepiness and total energy lack that never seems to leave you. It’s the perfect moment to get energized. With a coffee? A walk? Or maybe some sleep?

Most of the times people rush into a caffeine dose, energy drinks, chocolate and rich in calories meals to fill their batteries. Unfortunately, these habits make your general state even worse. If you’re a hurried person who feels the need for some energy stimulators, here are some tips to keep you alert all day long.

Coffee, coke and energizers don’t make you more efficient

Energy nutrional tips for busy people coffee caffeine

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The best and cheapest trick for the moments when you’re not in the best shape is underestimated by most of the people: water, still water. And an insignificant lower level of water in your body can reduce your physical and intellectual efficiency.

I know you’ve heard it a lot of times, but drinking at least 2 liters of water per day is really important. Tea and natural juice are also recommended. Don’t get me wrong: a cup or two (maximum) of coffee per day are reasonable to get you started, but more than 2 cups is an additional effort for your body. And Coke and energizers contain a lot of caffeine too.

A sugar rush doesn’t bring more energy nor the ability to concentrate better

Energy nutritional tips for busy people sugar rush

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Nothing like something sweet to freshen up, right? It’s true that the sugar passes immediately in your blood and refreshes you instantly. But right after it reaches a maximum level, maintained for a short period of time, the sugar level in your blood falls abruptly, so consequently you’ll feel more tired than before and even hungrier.Biscuits, cookies and white bread have a similar effect.

Solution: when you feel like eating something sweet, go for a fruit, a vegetable or wheat based/whole grain (preferable than multi-grain) products. The carbohydrates present in these rich in fibers products pass continuously and slowly in your blood and give you energy on the long run.

Fat & sugar – a tricky situation

Energy nutritional tips for busy people fat mayonnaise sandwich fries sauce

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Too much sugar or fat transforms even the most energetic person into a sleepy one. But the problem is that it’s not always so obvious where to find the two. One thing’s for sure: croissants, chocolate, cookies, fried fish, salad sauce, sandwiches with mayonnaise are a real bomb of fat.

Energy nutrional tips for busy people sugar products example

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Sugar is contained by the majority of products on the market  (even bread), but biscuits, sweets and even some tempting muesli/cereals on the shelves of the supermarket have a lot of sugar. Also, don’t fall for “light products”: most of the times they contain glucose syrup, which is actually sugar. The products aimed at “sportive” persons may be a trick: sometimes they contain sugar just as normal sweets.

Some snacks and drinks to keep you going

Energy nutrional tips for busy people natural juice

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On the top of nutritious snacks and drinks are natural fresh made juice, fresh vegetables, and low on fat milk based products. Grapefruit eaten with fresh cheese, a banana shake (with no sugar!), tomato juice or pineapple juice with some ginger and yogurt are just the thing.

For something more consistent you can go for a sandwich, but be careful with the extra butter and cheese and focus on more “green” elements: salad, parsley, dill. And think twice before going for the pizza and pasta with extra cream.

What energizing recipes do you use? What really gets you going? How are you on the coffee and sweet chapter? Curious how many of you use it as your primary energy source. Can’t wait to read your opinions in the comments.