As fashion shows go by this season, we’re continuously assaulted by new ideas, trends, accessories and outfits. We’ve seen what London, New York and Milan Fashion Weeks have predicted for fall 2011, but French designers have also something to offer for autumn/winter.

Chanel RTW Fall 2011


Karl Lagerfeld displayed a dark, gray, decadent and highly inspired by menswear collection. It’s not the chic manly accents, but a rather tough view. Some ladies might ask themselves where have all the colors gone, because the only dots of joy are some red and green pieces. Pants are the main element defining this collection, worn in different lengths and even with single pieces worn over them. The collection surprised everyone in a positive way, firstly I couldn’t believe this is actually Chanel.

Valentino RTW Fall 2011


The look adopted by Valentino is highly lady-like and totally wearable. Not so rich in colors either, but rather focused on plain dresses in nude and navy blue colors, the collection is completed by trenches, fur, and beautiful long gowns. If you’re looking for something safe and beautiful in the same time, Valentino is just the thing.

Louis Vuitton RTW Fall 2011


This collection was absolutely fabulous: almost every model wore bags, and the numerous elements such as mongolian head wear, fur, tweeds inspired by men wear, rubber jackets, skirts and the incredible range of fabrics and patters made this show one of the best. The final appearance of Kate Moss, in a dominatrix outfit, completed by croc boots and the gesture of smoking was most representative of the obsessive collection.

Christian Dior RTW Fall 2011


A bit weird and extravagant? Eccentric? Yes, Dior’s collection abunded in feminine dandyish outfits, beautiful dresses, fur accents and lovely jackets. A very complex collection completed by a range of charming colors.

Givenchy RTW Fall 2011


The prints and patterns used by Givenchy made this collection highly distinctive. The main elements included leather jackets, pencil skirts, sweaters with colorful embroidery and prints of Betty Page in front, hats with cat ears and funny glasses. An interesting combination of elements.

What do you think: is Paris Fashion Week worth drawing inspiration from? There were a lot of beautiful collections out there, we just focused on the ones with the most famous names. Do you have a favourite? Or are you going to adopt some of the tendencies set by Paris fashion week?