5 reasons why cats are amazingly smart chess cat

Photo by Adam Raoof on Flickr.

There are thousands of stories out there about cats and their intelligence. Some of them about their abilities, others about their deceitful and unfaithful character. Is the cat’s behavior amazing, after all? Do cats surprise you by their sneaky moves? We identified some obvious facts that clearly make cats worthy of being a smart pet:

1. Cats are different.

Just like people are different. There is no such thing as two cats with the same character, a fact which shows an important psychical evolution.

2. Cats can adapt amazingly well to any medium.

Solitary by nature, a cat can adapt without much difficulty to a group, quickly accepting the rules, the hierarchy, and the constraints. Only the human being has the same advanced capability of adapting both psychologically and socially.

3. Being a cat also means correlating

curiosity with the spirit of observation and deduction capability. The behavior of the cat when it scratches the tap and meows to ask for some freshwater, or when it uses the bathroom sink because its sleeping place is not clean enough is not exactly common.

4. The capability of using those accessories is not amazing,

but the fact that the cat understands that the tap water is fresher or the sink is cleaner. However, there are some minor “mistakes”: confusing the bathtub with the sink for example, but these are aspects that only us, humans, give attention to.

5. Cats have a very high IQ.

Surprised by the ability of the cat male to manage in almost every situation, researchers tested the cat’s IQ: cats are better than dogs and horses, but situated between the mouse and monkey.

So what do you think? Are cats amazing? There is one more aspect though: the more you train your cat, the smarter it will become.