This week we are getting serious, architect serious. But don’t get the wrong idea, we are still concentrated on having fun.

X Construction

X Construction Logo What is so cool about this app? Well I don’t know about you, but I find bridges to be amazing, especially the big ones, like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Millau Viaduct. And the most amazing part is the engineering solution that stands behind this great achievements of the modern engineering.

So when I found that there is an app that puts my modern man engineering skills to test I knew that I must try it.

Well the idea of the game is very straight forward, you have to build a bridge to help a train to cross, having a limited number of segments.

X Construction Gameplay

In the landscape view mode, there are two buttons in the upper right corner: one for adding and one for removing the construction segments. The green button placed on the left upper corner is used to test your bridge after building completion (a train will try to cross your bridge). A zoom-in and a zoom-out buttons are placed in the right lower corner of your screen, and next to them, the blue button, serves as undo button. Very easy controls, right?

To place a segment you just have to touch and drag a segment to the chosen length; of course there are some limitations to the maximum length, the angle and the number of the segments you can use, but this makes the game more challenging.

X Construction Train Crossing

There are 15 free levels, which you can unlocked on at a time by completing each of the previous level.

In the paid version of the game, you have an additional seven levels, grouped in a portion called Sandbox. These levels permit you to construct bridges in a free build mode, meaning that you won’t have the restrictions imposed in the actual game (like the max number of segments).

Required information

  • Price: Free or 1 $ (paid version)
  • OS version: Android 2.1 and up
  • Size: 1.5 Mb or 3.2 Mb (paid version)

Download it from here: or just search for X Construction in your Android Market app.

Photos from Android Market.