As a coffee lover, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my coffee drinking experience. Mugs with certain messages and shapes are funny for a moment, but a creative design, a gadget or a mug with several purposes rather catch my attention.

I’ve stumbled across some really inspirational coffee mugs, coffee mug gadgets and accessories which I’m sure that coffee drinkers will mostly enjoy:

Face Mug

This angry face mug is perfect for enjoying a little snack when drinking your coffee or tea. You can have your doughnuts, biscuits, and snacks close to you. I find it very practical, although a bit too grumpy for my mood.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Face Mug

Photo from uncommongoods.

Coffee Cup Power Inverter

It seems like electronics can also recharge with caffeine, with the Coffee Cup Power Inverter, a power source capable of charging portable gadgets, with an USB port available. Really connected people might find it somehow useful.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Coffee Mug Power InverterPhoto from ThinkGeek.

Lap Mug

Carrying your mug everywhere in the house is a habit that a lot of people have. It’s not always comfortable, tough, but with this lap mug, you won’t have to worry again about spilling coffee on you or on the things around you. And it’s also designed to sit safely on the table.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Lap Mug

Photo from uncommongoods.

Camera Lens Mug

People’s passions and obsessions is turning unusual objects into coffee mugs, like for example camera lenses. Now you can drink your coffee from you Nikon or Canon camera lens, play with the focus – which really works, and cover it with a lens cap lid. And don’t worry about the interior, it’s stainless steel.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Camera Lens Mug

Photo from photojojo.

The Ultimate Coffee Cup

At a first glance, the Ultimate Coffee Cup seems just a simple and common coffee cup. But if you look closer, or if you try to imagine actually pouring your coffee into it, you will discover its revolutionary and ergonomic design. I find it very practical, especially when trying to stack it in the cupboard. A very natural shape, that fits perfectly in your hands and in any space.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Ultimate Coffee Mug 2

Photo from lux-delux.

Mug Boss

Now a simple and old coffee mug can be actually useful with this belt for holding office supplies. Good for keeping things tidy.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Mug BossPhoto from ThinkGeek.

USB Mug Warmer & Hub

In need of a an extra USB, and with a taste for keeping your coffee warm all the time, this dual device does them both. Clumsy people may not be the perfect owners of these gadgets.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs USB Mug Warmer And Hub

Photo from ThisNext.

Auto Stir Mug

Sometimes even stirring your coffee with a teaspoon is an extra effort. This cup automatically stirs the coffee with just the push of a button. And it also keeps the coffee warm for a long time. For lazy days and habits.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Auto Stir Coffee Mug

Photo from ThisNext.

2 Carat Cup Gold Diamond Ring

While some might find this cup totally boring, I’m sure that ladies planning to get married or just dreaming about it will like it. Or at least, will bring a smile on their faces.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs 2Carat Cup Gold Diamond Ring Cup

Photo from Amazon.

Digi Mug

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to share your photos with the people around you. The Digi-Mug has only 1 Mb of memory, allowing you to store 45 photos, but it’s enough if you are into digital photo frames. I think the resistant look attract me more than the photo frame.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs Digital Photo Frame MugPhoto from ThisNext.

Do you like to enhance your coffee drinking experience? Or do you think that the content matters more than the form?

Let us know if you find these mugs useful and please feel free to share other cool discoveries in the comments below.