Angry Birds Desktop First Screen

Praise the lords of the games: Angry Birds has a desktop version!

But just before you click on the link below, which will definitely take you to a lot of fun, you just have to be warned that Angry Birds really needs a modern browser. So if you have been lazy and you have postponed upgrading your web browser this is just he perfect time to do it.

You will need to know that Angry Birds for PC/Mac will work with the following browsers:

  • Chrome 10 or greater
  • Firefox 4 or greater
  • Opera 10 or greater
  • Safari 5 or greater
  • Internet Explorer 9 or greater

For those of you who have no idea what Angry Birds is, just have a look at the screen-shots below.

Angry Birds Desktop Game View

The idea of the game is to exterminate the green pigs (also known as green bastards!) by shooting at them with birds…I mean with angry birds, here in red.

Angry Birds Desktop Gameplay

There are more types of birds, each of them equally angry, but different in skills. So the reds ones are the simplest ones, the yellows have a special acceleration gizmo and so on. As you play the game you will discover each of these special features and learned how to use them.

Angry Birds Desktop High Score

Because this is still a Beta version, there is a limited number of levels, but I am sure that more will follow.

Angry Birds is a creation of theĀ Rovio Mobile ltd company. To play the game just follow this link:

Photo source: me playing Angry Birds on my PC (screenshots).

Have a lot of fun with Angry Birds!