Habitat Machines David Trautrimas Sprinkler House

Canadian photographer David Trautrimas is one of those artists who have an amazing talent of using everyday objects to create amazing futuristic artwork. This time it’s architectural photography gone wild we’re talking about.

Similar artists such as Terry Border with his humorous Bent Objects, Thorsten Brinkmann with his bizarre portrait photography or Horacio Salinas with his conceptual photography all use everyday objects in their work, however, David Trautrimas takes it to a whole new level by creating futuristic architectural structures surrounded by an industrial landscape.

In his major projects, The Spyfrost Project, Habitat Machines and Industrial Parkland he explores the concepts of Military Industrial Complex, consumer culture or homes by assembling hybrid structures and machinery out of usual household objects like washing machines, lawnmowers, coffee pots or refrigerators.

Now making a washing machine look like a residential building is not something that anyone could do, but the artists manages in successfully choosing the right objects and assembling them in an original construction. The photographer also matches the landscape to his compositions, all of which define a world in decline, with everything disposable.

I like the way the artist breaks the rules of traditional architecture and digital photography, and I believe that he has a bit of an engineer sense, which helps him  in assembling those objects so amazingly well.

Does his work strike you in any way? Do you envision the house of the future looking this way? Enjoy some of his work in the photographs below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Habitat Machines David Trautrimas Stand Mixer Mews

Habitat Machines David Trautrimas The-Fishing Complex

Habitat Machines  David Trautrimas Hole Punch Flats

Habitat Machines David Trautrimas The Measurement District

The Spyfrost Project David Trautrimas Micro Re-Instigator

The Spyfrost Project David Trautrimas Carbon Inversion Device

The Spyfrost Project David Trautrimas The Brilliant Device

The Spyfrost Project David Trautrimas The Radiant Proliferator

Industrial Parkland David Trautrimas The Automobile

Industrial Parkland David Trautrimas Organ Factory

Industrial Parkland David Trautrimas Match Factory

Photo credit: David Trautrimas.