banana poetry

It’s fairly powerful this concept of poetry. So powerful that it only takes one person to say in order for most people to run as far as they can. 2 vowels and 4 consonants: this is what we’re afraid of, bored of, appalled by and sometimes annoyed by.

But why is that? Is it the excess of consonants in rhythm and rhyme? Does it have something to do with the number of alliterations, assonances, metaphors and similes per square word?

You may complain about it being too emotional, too sentimental. But just like people, poetry is not the same. Poetry may appeal to your rational side as well as it appeals to your emotions.  Let me conjure up your ration with ten words:


I am a poet,
I am very fond of bananas.

I am bananas,
I am very fond of a poet.

I am a poet of bananas.
I am very fond.

A fond poet of ‘I am, I am’ –
Very bananas.

Fond of Am I bananas?
Am I? – a very poet.

Bananas of a poet!
Am I fond? Am I very?

Poet bananas! I am
I am fond of a ‘very’.

I am of very fond bananas.
Am I a poet?

(The Uncertainty of a Poet by Wendy Cope)

This is what I would call poetry with a generous cleavage. No prior introduction, relation or acquaintance with poetry required to answer the last verse. Can an anagram of 10 words be dubbed as poetry?

Photo from sassybanana.