People out there looking for new shows that will keep you tied to your chair, buckle your seat belts because ABC just announced  that they will be picking up two brand new shows for this fall: Charlie’s Angels, a remake of the legendary 1970’s series, and Once upon a time, a modern fairytale from two of Lost’s writers.

ABC has already released the trailers of the shows, and from what we can see, the two shows are very promising. The directors of Once upon a time, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Lost, Tron: Legacy) need no further introduction, and Charlie’s Angels is already a legend. This fall we’re going to enjoy two shows filled with the key ingredients: drama, action, magic, surprise, fantasy, adrenaline and good vs evil.

Once upon a time TV show ABC Fall 2011

Once upon a time is a fairytale set in modern times, with the central character Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), a 28-year-old whose destiny suddenly changes when she discovers she is a lost princess and accepts to save her world from darkness. The action is set in the town of Storybrooke, a place where time is frozen and characters from our favorite fairytales have been sent to and don’t remember who they are. A fantasy where fairytale characters live a normal and a magical life.

On the other side, producer Leonard Goldberg (the original Charlie’s Angels), Drew Barrymore (the Charlie’s Angels movie), Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) bring back 3 hot new angels: Abby, Kate and Eve. Charlie’s Angels are now an ex thief, an ex-cop and a street racer, three ex-bad girls who are know fighting against evil. The nonstop action takes places in fabulous Miami, as the 3 angels solve cases for the mysterious Charlie Townsend, with the help of handsome expert Bosley 2.0 (Ramon Rodriguez).

Charlie's Angels TV show ABC Fall 2011

Now that I already made an idea about what the shows will going to be like, I have some suggestions for the TV shows producers to make the shows even more awesome:

In Charlie’s Angels, after a few episodes of adrenaline and super impossible mission, the angels meet a Franciscan priest who makes them to regret for their actions. From episode 4 or 5, the girls quit the fighting and start their own cooking show, since they’re so good with knifes. They enter the world of showbiz, and they stumble across a great deal of competition. They start experiencing with new situations, their show doesn’t have a good rating, so they think about even killing a chef. This twist of the story would definetely change the predictability of the show and it would be a real shock for the viewers, leading to those Guy Richie black comedy movies.

On the other hand, once Emma Swan from Once upon a time discovers to be a lost princess who must save the world, she decides to take the courage and reach the mafia. She even makes a deal with the mafia, who has a network and launches a Multi level Marketing which sells enchanted, magical cosmetics – lipstick that actually last on your lips. Given her advantage of magical power, the MLM’s from the real world and Emma’s magical cosmetics begin a real competition. Who will win, the magical cosmetics or the ones from the real world?

Are you excited about the new shows? What do you think of our suggestions? What do you think would make the shows even more interesting?

Meanwhile, enjoy the brand new trailers below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo credit: ABC.