Gabriella Asztalos Hug Chair

The act of hugging your significant other brings a great deal of intimacy, but when done in an usual chair and for more than 15 minutes it surely brings some discomfort too. Luckily, the Hug Chairs of Ilian Milinov and Gabriella Asztalos are available for making your hugging experience as pleasurable as possible.

Bulgarian designer Ilian Milinov combines simplicity and practicability in a neutral color design with minimal dimensions that fits in almost any space. The chair features an extra seat perfect for holding another person, allowing the couple to sit closely together. Another useful aspect of this aesthetic piece of furniture is that it can be a suitable environment for working on your laptop: instead of holding uncomfortably  your laptop in your lap, you can position it on the extra desk.

Hug Chair Ilian Milimov 1

If Ilian Milinov focused rather on the practical side when designing the chair, Hungarian designer Gabriella Asztalos focused more on the values of a hug, transforming these emotions in a highly original design that does not leave out the comfort factor. The circular shape of this chair allows the partners to sit face to face, focusing one on the other. The idea behind the upper “half-pipe” is that it “creates a highway of thoughts and a chain of emotions”.

Which of the two designs attracts you most? Considering you had the chance to own one of those chairs, would you focus on the practical or emotional side when choosing your hug chair?

Gabriella Asztalos Hug Chair 1


Hug Chiar Ilian Milimov 3

Hug Chair Ilian Milimov 2

Photos from justychair and wawyaa.