<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BMgegut3UM&feature=player_embedded">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BMgegut3UM&feature=player_embedded</a>

‘George Lucas strikes back’, a fake movie trailer created by comedy group Slick Gigolo comes us with another view about the epic fail of the Star Wars prequels: the real George Lucas was kidnapped for 20 years while an impostor was producing terrible movies in his name.

The success of the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones is no secret to anyone, nor is the failure of Episodes I, II, III. Now, you already know the reason for that, but what if someone came with an explanation that would take the blame from George Lucas and put it on some evil forces?

That’s what directors Mile Litzenberg and Bridge Stuart tried and succeeded to do by creating a quality trailer with inspiration from Korean vengeance movie Old Boy, hilarious and witty lines, familiar actors and a lot of sarcasm.

Just like in Old Boy, the genius film maker is kidnapped and held prisoner for 20 years while being forced to see the release of Star Wars prequels and an Indiana Jones movie released. George Lucas finally escapes and hungry for revenge, he forms a crew of old friends: princess Leia, Shortround (from Indiana Jones) and Chewie.

Prepare for some battle with Jar Jar Binks, a great reference to the fight scene from Old Boy, a vengeful George Lucas and don’t forget that “Not all men are created prequel”. Would you like this to become a real movie?