We all know there are applications  that are entertaining, and there are applications that are besides entertaining, useful. As I was skimming through possible applications I could download from my cell phone, I stumbled upon…History Channel Logo

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Many of us have probably wondered what happened today 1 year, 20 years, 3505 years ago… well, here’s an opportunity to find out. Samsung apps, in association with The History Channel, presents  to you such an application.

This Day In History is a feature on the History Channel’s website and it also became an application. The application revealed only one event for each day, unlike the webpage which gives you a wider range of events for each and every single day. It showed  you exactly what you’re expecting: the important events that occurred  in history each day. It seemed to me that it was rather useful. If bored in the bus/tram, I could enrich my background knowledge, maybe breach some gaps in history. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on the Samsung apps webpage but if you are really determined to find it, search for it on your cell phone or on the Internet. A few applications with a similar purpose can be also found on the Android Market.

Samsung Apps

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Why download such an application? Simple: it gives you the chance to learn historical information daily, in small cell-phone fitted dosages.