There’s always a nice feeling that I get after watching a TED talk. Either it’s a feeling of awareness, of power, a matter to meditate about or just some friendly advice, those inspiring talks make you think. The fact is that we stumble across inspirational articles and videos everyday, but how many of them really succeed in inspiring us to such an extent  that we actually take action? We’ve picked four TED Talks that we believe could inspire you to change your life, provided you actually try to put something in practice after viewing them.

Nic Marks  – The happy planet index

Statistician Nic Marks introduces the idea of measuring the success of a nation  by its well-being and happiness, instead of its productivity. I really enjoy his advice on positive actions you can do to improve the well-being in your life. He doesn’t claim to have a secret recipe to happiness, but his advice is so basic and simple, that sometimes we forget about it: connect, be active, take notice about the things that happen around you, keep learning – not formal learning, but stay curious, and don’t forget to give.

Tony Porter – A call to men

Tony Porter speaks about the standards about being a man, and the attitude that is preached for generations and generations as the right attitude for a man: tough, never cries, keeps his head up, strong; and effects that this attitude has on women. Mistreats that men have done to women have their roots in the type of education that boys receive at an early age. I really enjoy how Tony manages to sustain his ideas with very personal examples. Do you agree with him? Do you think that men should express their feelings and keep this man box aside?

Benjamin Zander – On Music and Passion

The enthusiasm and charisma of Benjamin Zander, his involvement and his passion for classical music left me speechless. His positive thinking towards classical music and the fact that everyone likes it makes me believe for one moment that the world can indeed be a better place. This love for classical music that everyone has – according to him, is expanded in our everyday lives and he tries to make us realize that this love for music can be applied to other aspects. The definition of success, according to Mr Zander is given in the number of eyes that you can make shine.

Ken Robinson – School kills creativity

Ken Robinson makes a realistic analysis of today’s educational system which tends to educate people “out of their creativity”. Every individual has a talent, everyone is born an artist, but unfortunately the public education system gives Arts the least importance. We are taught Mathematics even though not everyone is a good mathematician, we are educated “from the waist up, and to one part of the head”, and the most dangerous creativity killer is that we are afraid to be wrong, which is the first step to being creative. We suddenly realized that having a diploma is not worth anything, and the whole purpose of schools is to produce university professors. No wonder all business people never went to schools. Even though Ken Robinson gave this speech almost 5 years ago, I find the ideas very challenging today also, since nothing changed in the educational system since 2006. Does school stigmatize children’s talents?

What do you think about the ideas shared in these videos? Do you think it would be a good start in changing your life if you began with happiness, your passions, the way you teach your children and the way men treat women?

Also, if you stumbled across other inspiring TED Talks feel free to share in the comments.