Another glamorous award show is upon us! When I first heard that the Critics Choice Television Awards will debut this year I was a little confused. Didn’t the show air like… in January or something? Well, apparently, those were the Critics Choice Movie Awards. You live and you learn.

The awards will be given by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA). The inaugural Critics Choice Television Awards will be presented June 20 in Beverly Hills and streamed live on

I like award shows very much – I’m a huge fan of the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes and I always get mad if Jim Parsons is nominated and doesn’t win anything. But maybe that’s just because I secretly wish to marry him and believe a pile of trophies would look good in our dinning room.

The Big Bang Theory CastThe Big Bang Theory cast, photo from Brett Jordan on Flickr.

The nominations were announced earlier this week and are pretty dull, in my opinion.  I was a little disappointed because House didn’t get nominated for Best Drama, but I was happy to see that The Big Bang Theory scored a nomination for Best Comedy. Hope that Modern Family won’t be  BTJA’s first choice, although the ABC comedy leads the race for the Critics Choice Television Awards with no less than six nomination. And also, good news for Mad Men fans – the show got five nominations, one for every Drama Series category. Congrats.

Mad Men CastMad Men cast, photo from mawphoto on Flickr.

Take a look at the nominations below and let us know who you think should win. And don’t forget to root for Jim Parsons – all jokes aside, he was absolutely awesome in The Big Bang Theory’s last season.

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