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A rock band performing in the elegant city hall and mayor’s office from Paris? Yes, some bands do step out of the typical rock band video cliches like the studios, the garages, the crying girl, the rain, the concert, the photos or any other frequently used elements.

The “culprits” making the historical buildings’ floors to shake are the experimental rock band Battles. The recording of the single Wall Street from their new album Gloss Drop is part of La Blogotheque’s Take Away Show, and the video was shot at the Bertrand Salon from The Hotel de Ville in the center of Paris.

The extreme contrast between the modern sound of the band and the elegance of the rococo lounge makes this video rather unusual in the good way. And not to mention the great shots, the awesome editing and the breathtaking performance of the band, who did their best to fit in the scenario.

What do you think of the video as a whole? Is it better than the album version? I find it better than a lot of official videos.

Meanwhile enjoy the recording of another single – Futura, from the same album Gloss Drop.

[vimeo width=”594″]http://vimeo.com/24513475[/vimeo]

Directed by Nat Le Scouarnec
Image by Benjamin Rufi | Charles Cornier | David Ctiborsky | Denis Gaubert | Nat Le Scouarnec
Sound by Fran├žois Clos | J.B. Aubonnet
Edit by Nat Le Scouarnec
Mix by J.B. Aubonnet

Courtesy to La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows for the videos.