The Devil’s new and most profound messengers come from Turku, Finland. The Scandinavian legacy has once more proven that the Antichrist is closer to the Northern Pole than to the Southern one (wise penguins, I must note).

Such deep ritualic manifestation renders any other black metal artist insignificant, possessing, by far, a higher percentage of vigor and incisiveness in the Luciferian business of spreading hate and sorrow.

These Behemontic creatures sure know how to play with fire too, which is deeply terrifying. One should not attemp to watch such atrocity right before going to sleep. You have been warned!

And even pure angelic white snow has been tarnished by these fallen black angel’s scabbed wings.

This satanic manifestation, refered to by some as music, incarnates under your nail of cosciousness and torments your soul till complete mental calamity. My advice? Better not even try to oppose resistance.

Die, penguin, die!