The flames of hell have once again been cast upon humanity. But this time by soft and delicate spikeless hands. Altough many would think that an association between black metal and acoustic guitars is impossible, Seth Putnam has proved it wrong by creating one of the world’s most inspiring and groundbreaking musical projects.

Known mostly for his main project named Anal Cunt, Seth had the idea of pursuing his imagination furthermore and this is how Impaled Northern Moonforest was born.

Needless to say, despite the lo-fi aspect and the seemingly soft nature of an acoustic guitar, used here to accompany the blasphemic growls, the atmosphere is virtually as poignant and with a significant amount of malice as in any other trv black metal band.

Song titles are also a very important and inspiring aspect of Impaled Northern Moonforest’s satanic paradigm, proving the nature of a genius mastermind behind it.

So attention, church burners everywhere! Delete your electric guitar-perverted black metal from your iPods, for a new soundtrack to the Purely Profane has risen. Abridged, more concise, witty yet aggressive and last, but not least, closer to your inner stylish listener.

I bullshit you not…

… except when I am bullshitting you. Hails!