These days laptops are more like companions to us. We take them with us everywhere we go and we try to have the latest technology and features combined with the coolest designs. Thankfully there are enough designers in this world who come up with extremely creative concepts of futuristic laptops. There is a large amount of choices but here are just a few really interesting laptop design concepts:

1. The D-Roll Roll-Up Laptop Concept

Who wouldn’t like their laptop to be light-weighted and to be able to roll it up like a poster and carry it everywhere with them? Well Chinese designer Hao Hua came up with the concept of such a laptop.

The D-Roll Roll-Up Laptop Concept

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2. Flexbook Concept

Designer Hao-Chun Huanghas is the creator of the Flexbook. This colorful and very thin device has a waterproof keyboard and a screen which you could switch or fold as you like. Clumsy people shouldn’t have to worry about this beauty slipping from their hands because the designer chose the exterior of the Flexbook to be made of rubber .

Flexbook Laptop Concept

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3.  The Compenion Concept

Felix Schmidberger is the name of the person who designed the Compenion. The two sliding touch-screens, one of which can be used as a keyboard, definitely represents the best feature of this concept laptop. This very thin and shiny gadget looks promising to me.

Compenion Laptop Concept

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4. The DesCom Concept

Nowadays interior design is very important because it can influence our state of mind. Now when it comes to useful furniture DesCom would probably please most people because it’s the perfect combination between modern furniture and technology. Another cool feature would be the touch screen representing the keyboard.

DesCom Laptop Concept

Photo source

5. The Canvas Laptop Concept

Designer Kyle Cherry has developed a really cool  laptop concept called Canvas. The best feature of this laptop is the incredibly thin touchscreen. Yes, another slim laptop, what can I say, but still this design looks very tempting and it doesn’t even take a lot of space.

Canvas Laptop Concept

Photo source

6. The Vaio Zoom Concept

This is something different. The Vaio Zoom notebook features are quite different than the ones listed above: a holographic glass screen that goes transparent when it’s turned off and a keyboard that turns opaque also when turned off. But I do believe that people should be careful with it because they might easily break it.

Vaio Zoom Laptop ConceptPhoto source

I would like to know which design you like the most and what other features you’d like to add?

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