43-year old An*l C*nt founder Seth Putnam died of a heart attack last week. What a g*y f**kin’ c*nt! (By saying this it’s obvious that I listened to his music a lot).

Yes, I used that highly elegant expression due to the fact that gratuitous insults using words such as “g*y” and “c*nt” were totally Putnam’s trademark. And the funny thing is, a man like An*l C*nt’s lead singer wouldn’t have wanted people to mourn in any other way.

Some of his fans’ comments on the Internet, regarding his death, never fail to reveal the influence he’s had on their approach on events as tragic as death: censored by advertisers.

Seth Putnam

Photo source.

Quite the beauty, wasn’t he?

And finally, a very valid suggestion fromĀ another fan is that his gravestone should say “you’re all g*y because you’re still alive“. And that’s probably exactly what the f*cker would’ve wanted to have written on it anyway! Rest in peace, Seth… nah, just have fun in hell, you c*nt!

Later edit: *** – censored by advertisers.